One day my husband and I were out shoe shopping for him, which is more difficult than it sounds as he has no taste. I looked away for a few moments and then when I looked back I saw him trying on the ugliest pair of shoes - brown with zips and velcro(!) “Put those hideous things back!” I cried.... and of course it wasn’t my husband. This man did however seem to follow my advice.


Here’s a conversation with my two year old daughter.
mum“Time for bed now sweetie.”
daughter“I want some ice cream.”
mum“What’s the magic word?”


Being walked around her elementary school for the first time, my 5 year old daughter was very upset to hear she would be unable that day to meet the principal. We were confused as to why she wanted to meet him at her age, until she said.... I always wanted to meet the ‘prince of the pool’.

South Africa

A father asked his son not to suck his thumb,
father“You’re not a baby anymore.”
son”But you are still a baby daddy!”
father“What? Why did you say that?”
son“You still have to sleep in the same bed as mummy.”


At a small hotel in the mountains, a confused housekeeper was called to a room to help with a pizza that the guest said was stuck in the oven. But the rooms have no ovens, she thought walking up the stairs..... the guest had put a frozen pizza in the safe (safety box) and by pushing the buttons, locked the door.

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