The most exciting thing you will see in a long time.

This may or may not be news to you but if it is, surely you'll be as surprised as we were to discover it. Read on!

Hot air produces power. Hot air rises. Simple but extremely
effective. You have to see this. It even produces power overnight.
The whole thing is huge in scale and fascinating.....






In 1903, Spanish Colonel Isidoro Cabanyes first proposed a solar
chimney power plant in the magazine "La energía eléctrica". One of the
earliest descriptions of a solar chimney power plant was written in
1931 by a German author, Hanns Günther. Beginning in 1975, Robert E.
Lucier applied for patents on a solar chimney electric power
generator; between 1978 and 1981 these patents, since expired, were
granted in Australia, Canada, Israel, and the USA.


According to model calculations, a simple updraft power plant with an
output of 200 MW would need a collector 7 kilometres in diameter
(total area of about 38 km²) and a 1000-metre-high chimney. One 200MW
power station will provide enough electricity for around 200,000
typical households and will avoid over 900,000 tons of greenhouse
producing gases from entering the environment annually. The 38 km²
collecting area is expected to extract about 0.5 percent, or , of the
solar power that falls upon it. Note that in comparison, concentrating
thermal (CSP)or photovoltaic (CPV) solar power plants have an
efficiency ranging from 20-40%. Because no data is available to test
these models on a large-scale updraft tower there remains uncertainty
about the reliability of these calculations.

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