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Endeavour (British English)
   Endeavor (American English)

attempt, effort, try
A challenging business. A difficult new activity. a purposeful or important undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness); "he had doubts about the holeendeavor", “it was a great endeavour”

try, challenge, strive attempt by using effort; "we endeavor to make our customers happy", “yes I will endeavour to”, “we will make every endeavor to”

b0145181_8513545.jpgThis word has special meaning for New Zealanders as it was the name of Captain Cook’s ship on which for England he discovered New Zealand. This ship even appears on our 50c coin, so any school kid is aware even a little of our maritime legacy. The Maori were first in their canoes, Chinese b0145181_8515669.jpgwere next, the Dutch were the first Europeans and then Captain James Cook famously sailed around the whole two islands mapping the coast lines. His map is known to have three major mistakes, all with the South Island.

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A View of the Endeavour River, on the coast of New Holland (Australia), where the ship was laid on shore, in order to repair the damage which she received on the Great Barrier Reef. It delayed the expedition seven weeks.


Cook spent 12 years at sea on three famous voyages indicated below in order of red green and blue. After his assassination in Hawaii the crew went home... it took quite a while. What a legacy he left. Cook endeavoured to travel further than any man.
What do you think? Did he live a good life?



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