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We received this question from one of our guests. So we asked a couple of Yanks. The answers are fun(!)

QUESTION the way, I have a question. Do you say you watch a “baseball match” or “baseball game” or “ball game” on TV? Which is the latest expression ? I mean how would people usually say it today ? What is the most popular way of saying it. Oshiete kudasai. Thank you..


  ●From an American lady:-

Its 'watch a baseball game'. 'match' is only used for tennis,
boxing and wrestling; and 'ball game' is what old men say.

  ●From an American guy:-

'ball game' or 'baseball game' - both fine

'baseball match'? only some british idiot would say something like that.
of course i can't say much because americans tend to say soccer game

by engcafe | 2008-11-30 12:29 | Let's talk!  

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